That's us.

With a lot of drive, innovative spirit and with an eye for perfection, we want to offer our customers something very special. But who are we?

This is how we work.

Professionally and privately a match – an unbeatable team.

Ron Hüttenrauch

Managing Director & Founder

“The Creative”
Ron’s head produces ideas non-stop – many of which he implements behind the camera by himself. In postproduction, he demonstrates a special eye for details that remain hidden to others. Ron’s drive is his own ambition – freely following the motto: A good horse jumps as high as it can.

Elisa Di Fina

Managing Director

“The Coordinator”
Elisa is where all the organizational threads come together: She is the direct contact person for our customers, supervises and coordinates the individual projects and has over ten years of international production experience. Elisa always makes the impossible possible for our customers.

Our partners

Extra expertise always at hand: We work in a team of specialists. Together, we form a powerful network that makes us dynamic.
Niko Gehrke - Lumia Films

Niko Gehrke

Logo Quadroguys Digital Services

Jan Schnitzler

Alex Koelbl

Alexander Kölbl

Justin Wolff

Justin Wolff

Our story.


Quadroguys GmbH

Drone shots for the world premiere of the Porsche Cayenne, as well as a commercial for REWE mark the first milestones in the young company history. With the growing number of projects, we expand our know-how. For the first time, we also offer other digital services in addition to aerial photography.
Logo Quadroguys Digital Services and Aerials
Logo Quadroguys Digital Services
Logo Quadroguys Aerials

Digital Services & Aerials

Quadroguys is taking the step toward becoming a digital agency and separating into two business units. Under Digital Services, Quadroguys offers everything companies need for their digital image from a single source: Videos, photos, web design and 3D animations. The specialization in aerial photography, which has existed since the beginning, finds its place in the Aerials division. Aerials offers real estate and object flights for the portfolio, as well as maintenance and inspection flights.

Websites & Visuals

Our work over the past few years has shown us what we’re good at and what we enjoy doing. We only want to offer exceptionally great services, so we’ve decided to limit the Digital Services division to two core competencies from now on: we create beautiful websites and deliver the videos and photos to go with them.

Lifestyle Content

Over the years, the concept of Digital Services has become established. Adapted to the global pandemic, a new brand is emerging under Quadroguys in recent years: CONVARY – your Content variation offers our clients promotional shots for products and hotels around the world for a fraction of common costs. Where large agencies assemble entire crews, we get along without further help. As a well-coordinated team of two, we at CONVARY provide you with everything your content needs to stand out from the crowd. For us, this is a classic win-win situation: We enjoy our work – our customers pay a fraction of the usual costs.

… our story is far from over – become a part of it!